Giant Agility

The lighter side of agility for the larger size of dog! A Harlequin Great Dane that came into my life when he was 18 months old completely changed my life. Blake soon persuaded me that the show ring was not going to be his forte - as standing still was something of an impossibility! This special Dane had a lust for life and wanted to live every minute of it!

Agility for this size of dog was, at that time, unheard of and with his 11 stone frame as a guide, I looked at the ratio of a standard dog in size to standard agility kit and with the generous support of Eukanuba, commissioned Premier Agility to manufacture specific equipment that could withstand the size and substance of giant breeds such a the Great Dane safely.

Now at last, breeds that have never had the opportunity to enjoy this sport (in view of their size) are able to enjoy the fun of agility too.

Agility is a sport that exercises the dog physically and mentally. Muscle tone and stamina will start to appear and that "selected deafness" will start to disappear as your dog realises there is more fun to be had with you by galloping through one metre high tunnels, strutting along a wide dog walk and climbing over a low A-frame. A dog that lacks self-confidence gains courage from achieving these tasks and will want to try it again, and again. Agility becomes self-rewarding and gives your dog that "feel good" factor!

Giant Breed agility caters for all levels especially beginners new to this activity so why not come and try it out for yourself? You will make a lot of new friends, enjoy a sport that now accommodates your size of breed - and most importantly you will be so proud of your dog in whatever they achieve.

Giant Breed classes are held throughout the summer months. Places are limited, so remember to book in advance. 2014 dates can be found in news and events section.